5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Plumbing
  • Location: Lawrenceville, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tyshaun is very confident in continually implementing aggressive action and will land his first client very soon. He recommends this program to anybody.


Hey Guys, it's Tashaun Garret here from Atlanta Georgia. And I just want to show you guys my experience before, during and after joining the consulting accelerator program and working with Sam. So before joining the program, I was working three jobs. I was working at UPS, Hobby Lobby and at the movie theater. I was also in school and before doing the program, just constantly working, you know, three jobs, just trying to make it and trying to make it through school ... Pretty rough ... But as I joined the program and saw testimonial videos from other people that was in the program, I joined it, I knew it was the right decision for me. I knew it was a good fit for me so during the whole process of joining the program it was definitely a good fit for me. It was definitely the right decision and the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. I do not regret it at all. During the whole process of it, it was definitely some ups and downs of it. You're going to run into a few road blocks, but that's why you got people in the Facebook group for questions and people there to help you out. It's an implementation program so you have to do the work. You do the work, you're going to see results. Even though I don't have any clients right now, I know that if I keep putting in the work, and keep doing everything I gotta do and staying motivated, I'm gonna get clients. After going through the whole program and watching the videos and writing down notes and doing different things, I'm definitely going to see results. You have value. You get rewarded and that's one thing you got to remember. Just stay positive, stay motivated, ask questions. Like I said before it's a implementation program, so you have to do the work to see results. That's the only way you're going to see results. You just can't watch the videos and you know, just listen to Sam. Do what he tells you to do. Implement it, put it to work, you're gonna see results. Definitely recommend this to anybody that's trying to better their life and wanna start their own business as an entrepreneur and just grow it successfully. I already know I'm going to get mine to the six and seven figure mark. Like I said before just have value you get rewarded, implement, use the steps, do the steps, and listen to what Sam tells to do and ask questions. Definitely recommend it and I can't thank Sam enough. I appreciate everything you've done for the group and how you helped me individually after I joined this program. I really appreciate it. All right guys, bye.