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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: building contrators
  • Location: timaru, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Alice was brand new to her consulting business and was looking to improve her performance and client's results. Since working through the program she has been able to make $21,000 so far and improve her service delivery. She encourages others on the fence to join the program.


Everybody, I'm Alice Young from New Zealand. I'm taking the day off today, so I thought that I would take this time to do this testimonial for the Consulting Accelerator program. I've had the program for 12 months now. When I started with the program, the reason I purchased it was because I was already a consultant, brand new to the business with one lone client, who I was really wasn't getting good enough results for, and so I purchased the program in the hopes that I could improve my performance and improve the client's results. So, as we went through the program, like I say, my business had already been set up and even though it had been set up for this practice and followed all the rules and ticked all the boxes, as I was going through the program, I realized I really wasn't set up to win and there was really a cap on the success that I could achieve under that business model. So, I found the Consulting Accelerator program really great. It filled in a lot of holes in my information and my understanding and my perspectives. Since I finished the program, I've actually gone back over several modules numerous times and I continue to get value out of doing that. I continue to learn things that I missed the first and second time around, so that's really fantastic. I have signed clients with the program, so that's the whole marketing crux is, you know, help you get clients. Well, it absolutely did that for me, and I have been able to provide a better service for those clients as well. So, big ups to Sam, big ups to the team at It's a really great product. I would suggest that, if you're anything like me, like I was 12 months ago, you were probably a little bit on the fence maybe about the cost, whether it's a risk, whether it's an investment, whether it will pay off. My advice would be to just buy it. This thing will pay for itself in no time. So, good luck.