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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Plumbing
  • Location: Mandan, ND, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Matthew Doctor has been a student of Sam's for years and he owes all of his success to Sam's methods and training programs.


Hey, everyone. Matthew Doctor from North Dakota here. Wanted to talk to you about Sam Ovens' training programs. You know, before purchasing his programs I was very directionless. I always knew that I wanted to start a business, but I couldn't see the path to success to get there, right? I couldn't see the steps I had to take in order to be successful. As a result, I would just get stuck and caught up on all the wrong things, and all these wrong things I would focus on always held me back. Well, finally one night, late at night, in just kind of a fit of frustration, I pulled out my credit card and I decided, "I'm just going to buy the dang thing" because I knew that nothing was going to change in my life unless I took a bold action to make the change. I came to realize that nobody is going to come and save me, so waiting for my life to magically get better is not a winning strategy, and that was never going to bring me success and that I needed skills like what Sam has to be successful, so I bought his program. One of things that I really impressed with going through his program was how he has the incredibly ability to take what seems very complicated and very complex in our own minds, and making those ideas very simple and very easy to grasp, and then giving us very simple steps, like literally step by step of the work that we can do to accomplish the results we want. I mean, he lays it all out for you. He gives you an entire blueprint. Now that I've gone through his training courses, I have the confidence that I can go into any market or any niche and find any need, and pretty much almost guaranteed be successful because his principles that he teaches you here are just general business principles. I mean, they apply to consulting, but they apply to other things as well. For example, I started a carpet cleaning business on the side for an underserved niche and it's been exploding. It's been more than I can handle. I've got to hire employees and scale, but the reason it's exploding is because I'm applying everything that Sam taught me in his training courses, so everything he taught me about selling, everything he taught me about positioning and finding the ideal customer, and putting yourself as the expert and all these different things that he teaches you. If you can relate to that, man, my best advice to you would be to buy his program. I have people reach out to me on Facebook all the time because they see my previous videos about his programs and they always ask me about it. You know, "Was it really worth it?" etc. I'll tell you what I tell them, which is that his programs are worth every penny and more, but it's a tool, okay? It's not a magic pill you can take. It's a tool, so if you're willing to invest the time and money into yourself and put in the hard work, you can get there too. If you're directionless and you just need a blueprint, but you're hardworking and you can go after it and make things happen as long as you acquire the skillset and know the steps to take, then this program is exactly for you, so stop waiting for someone to come and save you. Stop waiting for your life to magically get better. Do what I did: buy the program and start living your dreams. Thank you so much.