5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Construction
  • Location: Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chris has learned through the Consulting Accelerator how to charge high prices, providing higher-value for clients, and quit his job. He has used the program to grow his business exponentially.


Hi. Chris Stott here from Manchester in England and just wanted to leave a review for Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator course. I've actually taken Sam's courses since his very first course and before I took any course, I was just doing web design on the side of a day job for various clients for low amounts and what Sam's course gave was sort of products to sell and a way of selling them with a higher price point. And what this actually enabled me to do, and this is several years ago, was to quit my full time job which I didn't like and actually run my own consulting business, charging much more money, providing much more value for my clients, and enabling myself and them to get far better results. So, I think the most useful part of the courses for me has been that creating products and packages that I can sell to my customers. Which in my case are services, PPC services. Without this course, I wouldn't have had that structure or that direction. The beauty of it is really in it's simplicity. So that was back when I did the first course. I've then subsequently purchased the other courses and am now actually looking at taking things to the next level. I'm just selling my consulting services for higher amounts, where I'm doing less work because of my reputation in the industry now and just providing consulting and direction to companies rather than them, which provides them with higher impact and it's less overhead for me. So, I highly recommend Sam's course. I've been with him since the beginning and I think that it's a really good way of structuring the program to find what you can sell and how to sell it. What's more, this is the only online course that I've ever done that I've taken action on and taking action on it to the extent I could quit my job and actually do this full time.