5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Electrical Services
  • Location: Golden Beach, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tama joined Consulting Accelerator, and comparing it to other investments he's made he sees no comparison in the amount of value and information provided with the program. He is confident he can take the information he's learned now and implement it with others. He highly recommend the program for others.


. My name's . I'm from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, originally from New Zealand. Been on Sam's Accelerator program for two or three months so far. Finding it very, very worthwhile and a great investment. I have had three consultancy businesses before, and if I'd known back then what I know now and what I've learnt through this program I might have been in a different position. I've also been on a business mentoring program in Singapore, which cost me a hell of a lot more than what Sam's program has cost, and I've got nowhere near the value that I have out of Sam's program. I'm looking forward to implementing the practices, principles, and the theories that Sam has espoused in the program, and already those have made an impact on my life. So if you're serious about starting a business or improving a business and want some sound knowledge and experience and expertise, I would suggest coming on board. It's a great program. The support network is fantastic, and the information that I've picked up through this program is top-notch, so I would highly recommend it. Have an awesome day. Bye.