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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Electricians
  • Location: Waxhaw, NC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Accelerator, Ricardo was working in a regular job and commuting. He dived into the program and started learning new techniques for generating clients on demand. He is really excited about the results that re soon to come with his business and he would recommend the program for others looking to take their business to the next level.


Hey, guys. It's Rick here from Charlton, North Carlina. Just wanted to send in a testimonial for Sam Ovans Consulting Accelerated Course. Before I got into the course I was just working a regular job, driving about an hour and a half every single day, when I got into the course I thought there was some great information when it came to Facebook and getting customers and really being able to predict the amount of people that I was able to put through the funnel. It's been a great, great, great program for me and my family, and I'm really excited about what the results are going to be that come from everything that I've learned and all the things that I've been implementing and I would definitely recommend the Consulting Accelerated Program to anybody that's ready to take their business to the next level. Again, I've had a great experience and I want to thank Sam Ovens for putting it together. I really appreciate it. Thanks.