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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Manufacturing
  • Location: Orlando, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Elie was originally working selling copier machines. With a desire to scale and find direction he joined the Consulting Accelerator. He is finding great success with the program and recommends that anyone should take the leap of faith.


Hello guys, this is Eli from Orlando, Florida, Sunshine State. I'm making this testimony for myself and , the master Sam Ovens. Thank you man . You're amazing. I mean, there's no other words for that. I'm sorry, I have a really strong, thick accent, French accent, but I live here in Orlando, in Florida, since about five years. First of all, very quickly, I used to do sales, selling copier machines, business to business. How exciting is that right? Not. I decided to ... I always wanted to do something for myself. Having my own business. I was tired, like to make money for somebody else. I was making pretty decent money, don't get me wrong. Selling copier machines, it's very good commission, but I consider myself into another generation that other people are into the copier machine industry. I tried to use social media to sell those copy machines. Turned out very good actually, so I decided hey, if I can do that for that company, maybe other company would be interested in. The thing is I don't know where to start. No clue really where to start and how to market myself, how to make a name for myself, how to look for customers. Somehow I just find Sam Ovens program. Think it was on Facebook. One of his Facebook ads where he blasts everybody with. These things changed my life. How cheesy it is, I know. It's not what you think it is, but his program I sign up for his webinar, explained to me, what was it and I'm not easy to sell. I sell a lot, but I'm not easy to sell. I've been maybe like the web for so many consulting people. Where they selling programs just like his, Sam, for some reason just inspired trust and truth. In this testimony, that wasn't enough to sent me out, but he pulled out a few names, few testimonies and I copy paste those names. Looked at them on line, like hunt them on Facebook or LinkedIn, finally reached out to those people who bought Sam Ovens program. Asked them some questions and everything seems 100% legit. I did not find something negative about his program. A few weeks later, I don't know, I get something happen in my life, like pushed me to go for it. To take that leap of faith. I was tired of working for the people and I decided to go. I bought his program. That was an easy decision, but it's worth every penny. I mean, the whole things, the whole step by step is setup. You can see and you can tell, he spent so many hours into that program and everything makes sense. It's so simple. Put in a very simple way, how to build a business from scratch. Like literally from scratch. The steps that he's giving you, you need to follow them like literally. You need to master every single step. If you do that, if you put the hard work into it. You can have a return on your investment within the first three days, which is freaking amazing, considering. You build your own business, you do what you love, you fix the hours, how many hours you want to work a day. You fix everything, that's your own rules and your life, that's your own business. Here I am right now, doing some digital marketing for copier machines across the US. Now, eight months later, I after the program, have now customers nationwide and requests for partnership with big fish like HP and Samsung. It takes my business that I started last July, we are now in May 2017, and it took my business that I created last year into another level, like big fish level. That's how if you follow Sam's step by step, no matter what you're doing, whatever niche you are into. If you follow step by step and you have a little bit of creativity and put your own words into it. You're going to get whatever you want. It's that simple. Creating a business in the end is very simple, but a lot of people do not know how to do it. There's a saying, simple saying, what you don't know, costs you money. In your case, for the person's who have not bought this program, you don't know what's in it. You need to take that leap of faith and go for it. You need to move forward and say, "Stop, I'm stopping whatever I'm doing, I'm not happy with my life, I'm not happy with my job, I'm not happy with my business. I need to do something about it." This is the things you need to do. Pay out whatever, I think it's two grand, it's nothing. I mean just like Sam Ovens script, the seven figure script, that itself worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Just that itself pays for the courses. Now on top of that, he made this program so simple to use that you can have a first return on investment within the first 30 days. You can create a business and have already clients within 30 days. This program pay for itself. Believe me, it wasn't easy for me to buy that program at the beginning. I sell a lot, but I'm not easy to sell and he did it. This testimony is not like a things, like a fake testimony, like you can see everywhere on the web. I'm not saying they're all not legit, but Sam Oven is one of the programs, very legit, where you can make a lot of money, and have the lifestyle that you always wished for. I mean seriously, it's that simple. Grew up, like from working for somebody else, now I opened my business, I'm working for myself and I started to hire three persons already and I've got so much opportunity right now, comes to me through email, through big brands, big fish comes to me and asks me to do the same thing for them. People come to me, I don't even have to look for new customers now. It's incredible, I can't even sometimes realize, I mean, what I've done. It all started by taking that leap of faith to that program. I did it and of course, I can't regret that. I mean, I think I get the feeling I should send you money Sam, every single month for that or maybe I should go over there in New York maybe and give you a big hug at the least. That's the least I could do but thank you man. I mean seriously, your program rock. I mean, you're a young man, very talented, and you deserve the success that you have today. I'm going to very quickly with an advice for other persons that haven't purchased that program. One, you should do it, because obviously if you're watching this, it's because you're not happy with the lifestyle that you have right now. You're not happy with your paycheck, you're tired of working for somebody else. You know deep inside, you're better than that and you can achieve more. Take the leap of faith, go ahead, subscribe to Sam's program. You won't regret it. I mean, there's nothing I can tell you more than that. You have to take that leap of faith and go for it, okay. Sam, I'll come over in New York and give you that hug and in the meantime, all the program, all the community, everybody, thank you guys, you've been a good help and you keep like improving your things and I love you all. Thank you guys.