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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Conusulting
  • Location: Stockton on Tees, County Durham, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kevin dove into Consulting Accelerator at a time when he was feeling lost. From day one, he took action and followed the step by step process which has allowed him to improve his mindset and start landing paying clients. After the program, he is motivated and recommends the program to everyone.


Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Deer and I'm from Middlesbrough, England. This is my testimonial for the Consultant Accelerator Program. Before starting Sam's course I was just lost, I've invested a lot of money, a lot of time in various courses on the internet. I've procrastinated every single one of them, I haven't learnt that much. I never took action, that's why I never got the results. When I started Sam's program, from day one, I went out, he gets you to take the action you need to take. It's step by step, he starts you from the foundations and works your way up. I get more motivated, the mindset module itself is worth it's weight in gold. It got us in that frame of mind just to get out and concentrate on what's mostly important, which is actually getting yourself out and looking for clients and then dealing with the rest. All the rest will follow. So life after the consultancy course, I've got my first client. I thought I'd never actually get my first client with mindset issues, which is all from this course and I give all my success to it. I recommend it to absolutely everyone, I'm more productive, I could even teach what I've learnt and I will implement this training for the rest of my life now and get great success in my consultant agency because it can be just run, it's tried and tested, it's a proven system, which can be done and anyone can do it. Just give it a go, I recommend it to everyone. So thanks everyone and I'll see you on the next program. Cheers.