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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Landscaping
  • Location: Randwick, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the program, Angela was working at a job and looking to increase her finances. She has quit her job, started a profitable consulting business and is busier than ever! She loves her clients, her projects and has more money than before. She recommends the program for others looking to make career and life changes.


Hi, I'm Angela McKenzie, I'm in Sydney, Australia, and I started Sam's Consulting Accelerator program around five months ago. Before I started the program I was working for an architect in Sydney, designing and documenting residential projects, and I was earning $25 an hour. Financially this was really difficult, I was trying to raise kids on this money and it was a constant financial struggle, and very stressful. I knew something had to change, so I stopped working where I was, and started Sam's Consulting Accelerator program and things have been fantastic ever since. Almost immediately I got a new project come in, that was for $15,000 fee, and it was interesting that clients were almost exactly the ideal client that I'd identified in the program. A couple of weeks after that I got another project for $25,000, and ever since then I've had a constant stream of inquiries, and I'm in the position to pick and choose the projects that I work on, I've been incredibly busy ever since. Because of being so busy it's taken me a great deal longer than the eight weeks to work through Sam's program, but that's definitely not a complaint, it's been really useful and I'm still working through the program today. Now I'm essentially doing the same type of work I was doing before, only now I'm working for myself. I love the clients, I love the projects, I'm earning a lot more money than I was before, and I would definitely recommend Sam's program to anybody who wants to make these sorts of career and life changes. Thanks Sam.