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  • Location: New Jersey, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jonathan describes the mindset training inside as phenomenal and really enjoyed the structure for building funnels. He stands behind Consulting Accelerator and thinks it is worth the investment.


How you doing? My name's Jonathan Graves and I'm from New Jersey. I just wanted to jump on a quick video to give a testimonial and positive endorsement for Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program. Sam's a super smart cat. I've been doing this a long time now, specifically in the online marketing space, since the late '90s and we've worked with thousands of clients across the United States. I've been through a lot of programs and I have to say that the Consulting Accelerator program is one of the better programs I've ever been through. His mindset training is phenomenal, but what I really got out of it was how to simplify a lot of the new customer acquisition funnel development and to bring it in-house and get it done a lot more efficiently and quicker than I was able to do in the past. So, before the program we were outsourcing a lot of the funnel development and the tech stuff, so to speak, to designers and developers, where Sam was able to break down the process to use self serve tools where you don't need any tech knowledge to get that done. He outlines the KPI's you need to hit each step of the way. We were able to do a lot of that, not only for ourselves internally, but for our clients as well, allowing us to put a better product out into the marketplace for our clients and to deliver more value. We really received a win-win scenario from it, not only from helping us grow our business, but helping us deliver more value to our clients as well. So, it was a very effective program. I highly endorse it. It's also, during it, it's fun to go through. His voice is pleasant to listen to, he's Australian and he's just got an innate ability to teach and to break down complex tasks and to simplify them so you can get out there and get it done. The program is definitely worth the investment and I hope this video helps. Have a great day.