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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: contractors
  • Location: Prenton, Merseyside, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andrew has continued to see the value provided from Sam's training programs and feels the Consulting Accelerator is the best one yet. He would highly recommend this program to anybody.


Hi, it's Andrew from the UK. I had been on Sam's previous courses so when I heard the Consulting Accelerator was out, I really did want to get my hands on it. To be honest it didn't disappoint when I did. He really has pushed the boat out on this one, it does blow the other courses out the water and those courses were truly excellent. I think what Sam is really good at is distilling the key information, it's what you need to make a consultant business work and he really does do that, this is really distilled information and you can see the hours that have gone into making it work. I believe in one video that he says that sales script took him over 30 hours alone just to create. You can tell from the way it works. It's not just working with Sam and myself, you can see it working for others on a daily basis in the Facebook group. This is one of the great things about Sam's courses, the Facebook community that he's created. Sam is in there regularly and he shares lots of hints and tips and some of the most revolutionary things actually come from within the Facebook group itself. Sam's regularly posting in there, some great hints an tips. Overall I'd recommend this course to anybody who wants to start a consultant business quickly, but not necessarily easily. There is a lot of hard work involved.