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Darren is currently part of the cabin crew for a major airline. He has trained as a pilot and had career goals to become a first officer. Unfortunately, that has not materialized and he is looking for a way out. Before the airline he worked in retail as well as a restaurant. Darren really enjoys how Consulting Accelerator is structured and focused. He enjoys how the course guides him on how to make calls to business and CEO's who otherwise may not have spoken to him before. Financial freedom, being able to travel the world and live a life of luxury is his end goal.


Hey, how's it going? My name is Darren Ruth. I'm actually from Coventry, England but I'm actually working in Alicante, Spain as cabin crew for an airline. Now I wanted to work for this airline because I wanted to progress as a first officer within a very short period of time, but that hasn't really materialized and I have trained as a pilot between the years of 2006 and 2012 where I finished by Boeing 727 800. Eventually did a differences course which took me through the whole range, the whole family of the Boeing 727 between the 300 series all the way up to the 900 series. Anyway, it's been five years since I've finished my training and it's now 2017, so I've been looking for a means and a way to get out. That's roll back and find out what I'd been doing before that. I been working in retail in two different places, which is in partnership with Big W, my correction here, Azda's in partnership with and Big W was the other organization that I actually worked for in retail. Now I've also worked in a restaurant industry for which is a Portuguese restaurant, and Pizza Hut as well. That was when I was training to become a pilot, I only worked those places part time, so now that I've finished the pilot training course, going forward now, I've actually thought well I've waited five years, nothing's really materialized with it so I need to find another way of making all the dreams that I've had become possible. I eventually started looking through the Internet and I just wanted to break free from this limited lifestyle and become the boss and own my own destiny. It was a just a no brainer when I saw this course and I saw what was laid out, I thought, "Wow, this is amazing." It's really structured, it's very focused and with all these worksheets you just need to print them off, download them and print them off and get them filled out, then you scan them or take a picture of them, upload them back to the computer so you can use them as a reference, but anyway, whatever is inside the course, you really need to get yourself in there so you can actually see exactly what's going to take you from A to Z, because Sam Ovens has laid things out in such a methodical way. He's gone through things with a fine toothed comb so that you're not going to miss anything. If you do skip through the chapters or skip through the modules, I advise you not to because you'll miss out on something. Even if you're a business owner who has had a business for many years, the reason why you're here is you're probably not finding the success that you've really wanted from your business, so if you go from A to Z and go through the course, you'll probably find out, oh wow, I've actually missed out on that particular thing. It's such a small thing or it could be a big thing. Anyway, I invested into this consulting accelerated course and I was really shocked with the structure of the program. I've never come across a course like this before and I've been on different courses where I've actually invested a lot of money, and maybe could have been a small amount, could have been a lot, but the thing is I didn't really find the momentum or the type of support that was needed. Afterwards people who are all at different levels when I was going through this particular course, I wanted to find the structure that was there and support from other members that were either starting or finding difficult momentum, we're all pulling through together, talking through the Facebook group and all that kind of thing. Things that you wouldn't normally do and feel uncomfortable doing is what this course really does. You don't really need to have a university degree or any experience or anything like that, which is brilliant. I have been through university and I think that going to university, for me personally for what I did which was multi media computing, it's a touch on different subjects, and it didn't really give me the tools that I needed to actually go into the industry. Anyway, going back to the subjects of what this course is really all about, made me contact businesses and CEOs and people like that who I would think, you know, they wouldn't really want to talk to me. Talk to management and arranged meetings, so I've been on three meetings so far, and two of them are positive about working with me, and the other one wasn't too keen because I don't think they can afford the pricing structure that I had. I'll need to go through the course a little bit more and I'll need to see where I'm kind of failing on. I believe I'll probably need to attack the situation a little bit different, do a bit more research about the company before I even go forward, but it's a learning curve and the thing is you got to fail forward. The more you fall forward, you can get up from that particular point and fall forward again. That's the whole reason of doing these things. Whatever you do in life whether you're trying to become a pilot or trying to become a doctor or whatever, wherever it is, you've got to be able to actually know that you need to do something in terms of trial and error because if you don't do something, if you don't go through so many driving lessons or pilot lessons or anything like that, you'll never be able to get to the end goal because you're never going to reach perfection. You're going to be reaching a level of professionalism at the end of a period of time. You just can't expect it to happen overnight. Anyway, what else could I talk to you about? Really is what I was expecting from the program was to be able to reach the desired level of freedom and financial freedom that I'm looking for so that I won't even have to look about my bank account and just say, right, that's it. I'm going to go off traveling. I'm going to quit my job. That's my goal in the next four or five months. I'm actually going to state this now and say, and keep this as an accountability to you, and say that in four or five months, I'm going to report back and say right, that's it, I've actually quit my job now and I'm able to either buy the place that I'm in now or to be able to leave and travel the world and do whatever I want. Just live that life's up lifestyle, because that's what I've really been looking for. It is possible. I know it's possible. I've been through several different programs before and yeah I have seen sort of success with those, but those programs just weren't for me. Anyway, guys if you were to invest in something I would suggest to invest in yourself, go through the course, see what I'm talking about and then eventually you'll probably be feeling exactly the same way that I feel, because if you don't invest in yourself and if you're just going to drink your life away, things are never going to materialize. You need to be able to change your own life and have the, what can I say, the desire to be able to do that. So anyway guys, this is Darren Ruth from England. It's been a quick one, very sketchy but I hope you enjoy. Thanks, bye.