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  • Location: Santa Barbara, CA, United States
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"Bob was looking to get back into the business world. He describes Sam overdelivering on his program, the help of the Facebook community, and he highly recommends the program to anybody on the fence or going through a ""funk"" in their life. "


Hi. My name's Bob Rennick, and I'm 53 years old, and I live in Santa Barbara, California. I'm really excited to be sharing with you about Sam Ovens' consulting course and just a little bit about who I am and where I'm going. Pretty much, I've been very successful, very lucky. I've been married for 25 years to the most amazing woman. I've got four amazing kids. Those are my life. Along the road, I had multiple companies that I've bought and/or developed and sold. I've had millions of dollars run through my bank accounts over the years. About five years ago, life just came to a complete halt. I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and I decided that it was time for me to just sell everything and take care of me, and I did that. Just the other day, I got five years. My doctor says I'm completely cancer free, and I ... Oh, it's a new journey I'm on right now. I decided to start looking at getting back into the business world and looking at what's my next journey, my next opportunity. I started looking at courses. I looked at Sam's, and I pushed it aside. I looked at others, and then I went back to Sam's, and I bought it. I just can't even tell you the value. If I left you with one thing about Sam's thing is that he overdelivers. You think you bought the course, and here comes more. He gives you more. Then you join the Facebook community, and the people in there are incredible. They're constantly helping you, and then you want to help them, because it's just this community of people just helping each other. I just can't even tell you how valuable that is. If you ask me like where am I going with this program, well, I'm in week five, and I'm digesting everything, and I'm plugging away at all the things. I've stumbled here and there, and I just kind of plugged. I figured it out, and just kept moving forward. I'm not letting anything stop me on this thing. Where I'm going is to be determined, and in a couple of weeks from now, this video could completely change, and I could be telling you I'm ringing the bell, and everything is great. I'm sure it will be. I highly recommend this course, and for anybody that is in kind of a funk or anything like that, the mindset part of this course is just phenomenal. As Sam says, massive value. I thoroughly agree with that. Take it, digest it, and just implement it, and don't stop. Just keep going. Anyway, that's all I've got for you. Buy the course, and if anyone needs to look me up on Facebook, I'd be happy to talk to them about it, all right? Thanks.