5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Construction
  • Location: California/Littlerock, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program Alaciel found himself lost and hopeless, waking up sad and down on a daily basis. He now has a new found energy and passion for life with an expanded view on all the opportunity that is at his finger tips. Alaciel highly recommends the program for those seeking something more.


Hi, my name is Alicenta Sienos, I'm from Little Rock, California. Before joining the program I felt lost, helpless, you know, stuck. I just wasn't going anywhere. I just felt like I was working all day and making no money. I was just living check by check and it just, I felt hopeless, terribly hopeless and I woke up sad everyday going to work, I hated it. Now I'm in a program, my mindset has changed. I think of every opportunity as a money grabbing opportunity, I try harder, I put more energy, effort into everything I do, I'm much more alert, more awake in the sense that everything could be a business venture, everything could bring me money. My life hasn't changed much. I'm mid program but I stay hopeful. I work hard. I'm doing the work and hopefully it will all pay off soon enough. I definitely recommend this to everyone, anyone who's working 24/7 and doesn't feel like they're going anywhere with their lives, this is definitely something that they should look up because no matter how small, you'll take something from it. In the same sense that I've taken. It's nothing big right now, my life hasn't changed tremendously big but it has changed my mindset and that alone makes the days bearable or more than bearable and it makes you feel refreshed to finally wake up. It's something I definitely recommend for everyone. So, I'll keep working hard, keep getting there and hopefully soon I'll catch my big break. Thanks for opportunity and let's all just keep working hard.