5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Engineering
  • Location: Boulder, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Dave was looking to make passive income and he wanted to learn how to sell. He has been able to work with dozen of clients since learning from Sam and is making more money than he was with his job.


Hi there, Dave Rosen here from Boulder, Colorado. Before I joined the consulting accelerator program, I was making a good living doing engineering jobs and consulting, but I wanted to generate passive income too, so I started working on a software product for engineering and construction companies, which I needed to sell. That forced me to learn about sales and marketing. In the process, I discovered that my software customers could use some help with their own marketing. I saw how Sam had successfully built a marketing consulting business, so I signed up for his course to learn how he did it. In Sam's programs, he explains how to focus on what really matters to grow a profitable business. He describes the steps to win work, to outsource activities, and to find people who have the needed expertise. Plus, Sam delivers material with confidence and clarity based on what he's actually tried and accomplished himself. This program's inspired me to grow my own business. Since discovering Sam's programs, I've worked with dozens of customers. I don't share details about my income, but I can say that I now earn more doing business consulting for engineering and construction companies than I used to earn working engineering job as an employee. Enjoy the work, and feel great to help my customers achieve their goals.