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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Home Automation
  • Location: Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Curtis started the program with little knowledge of how to optimize and develop his skills online. He found the program to be simple, and structured allowing him to learn quickly. He learned how to market his own business, attract and retain clients, and service them. He would highly recommend the course for anybody looking for results in their business.


Hi, my name's Curtis Martin. I'm from the U.K., United Kingdom, based in Manchester. I've been on Sam Oven's course for about a year and a half now; found it really good. I'd like to leave a quick testimony just to say how great it is. When I first started on the course, I didn't really know much about online marketing. I didn't know how to put together online funnels. I didn't know how to set up my niche to find my client based and actually be able to serve a customer online, but it was something I was very interested in. When I joined the course, I was actually really pleasantly surprised that Sam had actually put everything in a very clear, step by step program of introductions and everything, and very simple spreadsheets, and added documents at each stage. What I've really got from it was how to define my niche, how to market other businesses, how to market my own business. I've learned how to attract clients and maintain them and actually how to get results. If you really want results, I'd recommend this course. After, I've kind of managed to get a number of clients. I've used lots of tools that I've actually have gained from Sam in order to service my market. I found that to be really insightful. Before I really struggled if I didn't have Sam's course. The Facebook community is amazing. It's second to none. There's continuous support and I would highly recommend it to anybody that really wants to see results in their business. Do I recommend Sam's course? Definitely. Do I recommend Sam? Definitely. Hopefully, I'll see you on the inside. Take care and I'll see you again. It's Curtis Martin from Manchester. Bye now.