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"Jose had a dilemma. He was in college but he didn't see the value. So he dropped out and got invested in the Consulting Accelerator Program. What happened next was cool. Not only did he make money, ""he became a better person."" Watch the video to see what he means. "


Hi, my name's Jose . Before I joined Sam's program, I had just dropped out of college because I felt like I was doing it only because it's something that everybody just does after high school, but I wasn't really into it. So I found Sam's program through another program I was in, and I bought it because I felt like he was talking to someone in my situation. So I think the thing that stood out to me the most throughout the program was the millionaire mindset, because Sam helps you see the world so much more vividly, so much clearer, I guess. And I do definitely recommend it to anybody else out there who doesn't know what they want to do with their life, I guess. Because Sam does help you become a better person, in my opinion. I got one client. I help our services increase their monthly revenue by simple digital marketing, and I got one client to pay me $3800, so it's awesome. So yeah, I do definitely recommend it to anybody out there. Thanks.