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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Home Improvement
  • Location: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Martin has found a tremendous amount of value with the Consulting Accelerator course and would recommend this for anybody.


Hi, my name is Martin , and I've been in Sam's program for almost three years now. To give a bit of background about myself, I started with graphic production for major advertising agencies in the early nineties, and I moved into web development and application development for large government and health organizations. To be honest, working in IT and as a freelancer, it's been a constant struggle. Basically taking on a project for six months and then completely ignore what's coming out after next. Once I'm finished, I'll take on low value web development work. And really, it's been going from feast to famine, and I was ready to give up my career, but luckily I stumbled across Sam's course about three to four years ago. Start implementing Sam's course, and immediately, after three months, I've closed several clients, I've doubled my income, and I still have nearly 80% of those repayment clients working with me today. So the biggest thing for me with Sam's program was to get the type of clients I want to work with have a rock-solid offer and really position themselves above the competitors. His programs keeps getting better, I've been through several versions now. Whenever I get stuck, I keep going back into his programs, he comes up with new tools and new strategies. It's really helped me develop professionally and personally as well, and I really recommend this course, not only colleges and consultant, but anyone who running a business. So, a big thanks, Sam, for such a great program and I'm looking forward to being in your program for years to come. Thank you.