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  • Location: Frisco, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gabriel came into the Consulting Accelerator form the 9-5 world and was searching for different options he could explore in consulting. He has used the program to grow his business, service a handful of clients, and have the freedom he desired.


Hi, my name is Gabe Bautista. I am from Dallas, Texas. Or not originally from Dallas, Texas. I'm actually originally from Columbia, but I've been living in Dallas for about 15 years now, so I'm basically from Dallas, Texas. This is a quick testimony for Sam Ovens' consulting accelerator program. I started in the program about a year ago, and I had a job. Just the nine to five. It was a little different than that, but it was basically that. It was my big transition. Right around that time, I was thinking about doing some consulting. I was already doing some consulting inside of the organization that I was in, and didn't really know really all the things that I could do. Sam's program definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different things. During the program, it is a lot of work. This is a little bit of a different kind of testimonial, because I don't think Sam's program is for everyone. I think that you really ... It's not as easy as you buy it and then everything is fine. It takes a lot, a lot, a lot of work. Me and a couple other guys from the program have stayed in touch from the very beginning that we started. The first year, I gotta be honest with you, it's been tough. I've done a lot of work. Right now, I have a handful of clients that I help with digital marketing and other things as well. I've sort of ... My personality and Sam's is completely different. Sam is very introverted. He likes to go into his apartment and work. I have an office here in my apartment, but I'm very much a lot more extroverted. I like to go out there and actually meet people and help them in different ways. I'm much more of a teacher in that regard. That took me a little bit to adapt a lot of this stuff. I can say that my life has changed completely. I have the freedom that I wanted to have, as far as I work wherever and whenever I need to and want to. Again, it translates to working a lot more. It sounds a lot more glamorous than what it is and is not. It's challenging to ... You only eat what you kill. I've been doing that for months now, and I'm very excited about the possibilities and about what is next for me. Definitely visit me at That's g-a-b-e Bautista b-a-u-t-i-s-t-a dot com. That's my website and you'll see more videos of me if you'd like to connect that way as well. That's basically been my journey. From a year ago not knowing anything and just getting started with Sam's program along with other things that I did at the same time, a lot of courses, a lot of conferences and more mentoring and stuff that I did, to now that I have a handful of clients and I basically work on my own. If you have any questions, give me a shout over there. We'll see you. Bye bye.