5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: ENGINEERS
  • Location: Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andre has used the consulting accelerator to improved the way he approaches clients and engages with his market. He has learned a ton of valuable information and landed new business.


Hi, this is Andre from the Gold Coast in Australia. I've been a consultant to small businesses for a number of years now, and I have got quite a lot of experience in terms of training courses in consulting. I have recently wanted to refresh my own personal knowledge with consulting and how other consultants are doing it currently and making success of it. I came across Sam Ovens as a consulting accelerated course through a Facebook advert, and something about his approach in his video made me want to just find out more about the course. So I joined up. I have been absolutely blown away. This young guy seriously knows his stuff. Before, my approach to engaging new clients and finding new clients in the consulting game was quite different, and I found, moving from South Africa to Australia, it was a big paradigm shift in how you approach the clients here in Australia compared to South Africa. It was quite difficult to adjust to the market here. Now, after signing up with the course and going through it, I can tell you that Sam's course is a no fluff, to the point, honest, and direct approach to both training, and, as I said, this young guy knows his stuff. He's become very successful in the consulting business, and a renowned consultant in the world. Since doing the course, I found that the approach has been different and the success rates of engaging new clients has increased. I think this is all due to the learnings that I have been given through the training on Consulting Accelerator. I have a strong recommendation for the course, and can sincerely and honestly say that it's one of the best courses that I've done in recent years, just because of the content and the way Sam puts it across. Of course, being video-based, I can watch the video training while I'm brushing my teeth or making a cup of coffee or even working on something on my computer. I can glance down at the screen every now and again on my tablet. This training methodology has certainly improved the rate of retention in the training material. It's really easy just to quickly go back and look at the training again, because he's laid it out so nicely and clearly in the web platform that he has built. I look forward to the coming upgrade on the course. I'm certainly excited about it, to see what new content he's put in there and how he's improved the content as well, in terms of delivery as well as the tips and tricks that he's going to put across. That's all for me in this short review. I wish you all well, and go get that course. Cheers.