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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: HVAC
  • Location: Chesterfield, MO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Stephen was a software developer and wanted to build something lasting. Week 2 was the most impactful for him in terms of mindset, he felt one thing that always held him back was mind blocks.


Hi. It's Steve from Chesterfield, Missouri. Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, I'd been looking for a way to create something that was lasting. That I could build upon. And have something ... A business instead of just going day to day and earning money as a software developer. I had been following Sam for about four years. I heard his interview about mindset when he was part of the foundation. I was very impressed with him. I bought the Consulting Accelerator. I've been putting in an hour or so every day. I was able to go through week one and determine a niche that would work for me. I found week two to be very helpful in terms of mindset. 'Cause I've always had a lot of what I call mind blocks that have keeping me from moving forward. I was able to create a set of goals and I can follow ... Take action each day to get me closer and closer to those goals. I find the Facebook group very helpful and motivating. I've been able to help people there too. I answer questions and follow along people's success. It really gives me encouragement. I'm working on my video sales letter. But I have a lot of hope now, for the future. Because I know Sam has got ... Has laid out a step-by-step process. That if I follow, in the end, I'm gonna get the success that I'm looking for. And I would highly recommend the Consulting Accelerator. And working with Sam Ovens. Because he provides all the detail. The explanations. The step-by-step. The mindset. And encouragement that you need to fulfill your goals of building a successful business. Thanks.