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Wayne went from procrastinating and struggling to find extra cash to completely changing his mindset and landing high-value clients. He 100% recommends the Consulting Accelerator course.


Hi, my name is Wayne, and I'm from Safe Online Marketing Limited, and I live in the United Kingdom. I've been a software developer for 30 years, had a reasonably good career, but it's always been just get by sometimes, feast and famine kind of up and down with money. Always quite busy. I knew that there was something better to increase my productivity and increase my free time, and what I decided to do was to move aside some of the software development, and become more into a client generating business and help other companies with things like lead generation and digital services, and Facebook advertising and things like that. Dare I say it, and this is an admission that I can now do. That I've been a bit of a procrastinator really, and certain things can take a bit longer than they should have. I was searching online, and I noticed a guy called Sam Ovens, and he seems to be doing rather well with this course that he had got. Again, being the procrastinator that I am, I delayed purchasing it. Went on my merry way, still doing what I was doing, struggling for time, struggling for extra cash, et cetera. I decided enough's enough, and I watched a webinar that Sam had done and I said, "This guy seems to be real deal", and I purchased his course. Again, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't go through the course straightaway. I did manage to pick up a bit of a project, so I did have an excuse, and I was developing this project, so that basically took some of my time away from studying the course properly, but eventually that project was finished and I started to get through the course, and once I had really started properly to go through it, I couldn't really put it down because the certain elements in this course that I have to say are mind changing really, because one of the key points in Sam's course is about mindset, and that really does reset your mind to a different level. Once I had gone through this; in fact, I have been through it twice, I completely ... The procrastination, still there a little bit, maybe, but I'm completely focused. I know what I need to do now, now that I've gone through the course, and basically within ... I think I was on module three, maybe; I hadn't gone through the whole course at all, and I landed a client in the digital services at 1,100 dollars a month. I'm thinking, this is rather fantastic. Continued through the course setting up all the digital bits that he recommends, and then we got to the bit that I think, apart from the mindset because that it gold, but I think the Facebook training that he's done is worth the entire course fee completely. That's on a different level, so once I went through that, it put my business in a different league. I can now offer Facebook as a service to other people, and all because of me going through Sam's course. After I've come out the other end, I'm completely a different person in my business. I'm focused. I know how to get clients, I know how to speak to them correctly, and would I recommend Sam's course? 100% absolutely. The course is, in my opinion, one of the best online, and I suggest anyone who's a bit like me, that's been procrastinating over the years, jump in, both feet, study it, and move forward. It's a fantastic course. Cheers, again, Sam, I appreciate everything you've done.