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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Roofing
  • Location: Fort worth Texas, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Marvin realized quickly that loving what you do is a big component of running a successful business long-term. He recommends the program to others.


Hey everybody, it's Marvin Dishman over in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. I started Sam's course about a year ago. Just a sequence of events in life, which that's the journey, that's what we all go through, that path. In my walk I had just let go of a business. I was searching for answers and kind of what do I do to get some money coming in and all these things, setbacks. Started really digging into the guitar, something that's been a passion of mine for my whole life, but never put the work in like I really needed to. When I started looking for money and things like that, Sam's course came up. I jumped on board, dug in, tried to blind it to just chasing the money. I was like I could go back to my old business that I knew so well and what these guys problems were and everything, and started to market myself. Had the 5,000 friends on Facebook, and kind of walked how to do that, how to build up 500, 600, 700 friends organically. I built that up pretty quick. Started reaching out, people were messaging me. I still had this issue of why I got out of the business, and it was that this isn't really who I am. So I shut it down again and went back to the course a few times to really thinking I'm just going to make money this time, but without soul I personally can't stick in it for the long hauls. Something I picked up on one of the modules, one of the learning lessons, was that thing that you like talking about, being yourself, is what's going to sell. It's your passion, it's what's going to keep you up late at night and early in the morning, and just keeping on. Right now I'm just searching for that. I highly recommend it for anybody that's looking to develop a skill that's functional to 2017, 2018, something that's valuable.