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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Remodeling Contractors
  • Location: Houston, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mark had dreams of being a remodeling consultant. He really enjoys helping people but because he has a full time's hard to make that transition. He's learned so much from Sam's course and he already has some things working for him. Whether you want to be a part-time consultant, full-time consultant, or just want to get better at your business...Mark recommends enrolling in Consulting Accelerator.


Hi, my name is Mark . I'm from Houston, Texas, and I own an auto transport broker's company. I have been looking for a way to ease my workload here, you know, my job functions, and become more of an owner, so I can pursue my dreams of becoming a consultant. I really enjoy helping people and doing things along those lines, so I have really been looking into consulting. And, luckily, I came across Sam Ovens' course a few months back, and what it has done, after just really researching it and looking into it, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge, and I'm just so glad I did. I have learned a tremendous amount that has helped me in my company, and I currently am working through the plan to get others to take over my job functions so that I can act more as an owner on my company, with my company, and then pursue my dream of becoming a consultant. I have learned so much through Sam's course just in terms of little things to do and not do with, such, you know ... Facebook account ads, and how to use them properly. There's so much detail in there, it's just truly amazing, and as soon as I get a little bit further along my plan, then that will allow me to really jump two feet right in the middle of my consulting company. I've already got some things working there, getting different things lined up and so that I can, as soon as I have the time, , I'll get myself out of my current company, that I can jump right into the consulting. The benefits are just tremendous. There's so much detail, as I mentioned, the mind work that he goes through in the different modules is absolutely amazing. I have had training and done research on how the mind works and how to use it effectively, and what he covers is just really right there with all these very expensive programs and trainings to take. So, if you are out there on the fence and trying to decide, "Should I or shouldn't I?" I'm telling you right now: If you just want it as a part-time consulting, a full-time consultant, or just to help your current business, or how you deal with people in your current business, you will not be disappointed. So get off the fence, jump in, get the course, and go through it, do the work, and you will not regret it. Thanks, Sam!