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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Building Contrators
  • Location: Encino, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Greg was looking for something to supplement what he was already doing. He has used the principles he learned to apply into his businesses and was able to see results quickly. After the program, he is very happy he joined and recommends others thinking about doing something additional in their life to join the program.


Hi, this is Greg Greenwood. I'm coming to you from Los Angeles. I just wanted to take a minute and talk to you about my experience working with Sam. You know, I came across Sam ... Oh I don't know, maybe eight months to a year ago, and I was looking for something to add to kind of what I was already doing and I have some other businesses and I went through his program and I really, really dug it. One of the things I thought was cool is that while he's very specific to working a business and building a business within his platform, I even use that information in my other businesses. The information that was in his program was so cool and it was so transcending that I actually could use it and apply so many of the same factors to my other businesses that they have all taken off crazy. Before that I was really kind of ... Bored and kind of just not really sure, I wasn't really stimulated, but his program really got me fired up and since I saw results pretty quickly I was really, really excited and kina just went through the thing like crazy. Afterwards now, after I've been through this whole thing, really kind of super happy that I went through it and had some great success using the program and if you're thinking about something or wanted to do something additional in your life I think this is a great, great program and I strongly recommend it which I Have to many people so yeah, I definitely highly recommend it. If you're thinking about this, definitely do it. Way to go Sam.