5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: electricians
  • Location: Canning vale, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Alex found the Consulting Accelerator has provided him with mental freedom to conquer his goals in life. He highly recommends the program for others.


Hey guys, my name is Alex White, and I'm from Perth, Western Australia. Now, before doing the consulting accelerator program, I was an electrician. Well, I still am, but that's soon to be over soon because I will be able to quit my job within the next few weeks of Sam's amazing course, because during the course he was able to give me the mindset and the mental freedom to be able to conquer whatever it was that I wanted in life. And the niche that I picked out, which has also led to things outside of business, I've been able to get along a lot better with people. I can understand them so much better now and understand people's situations better. Overall, it's just an amazing, amazing course. You can take things away for life from his course, and you can also apply them into business and life, which I think is really the most valuable thing. And it's also awesome to be able to do for a living and help other people. And I really do highly recommend this to anyone who's looking to get into business, or even if they just want some general life skills. Thanks so much for watching.