5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Construction
  • Location: Camden, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Glenn came into the program with a background in sales, but wasn't happy with the training and work environment in his current situation. After joining, he's got a great process for sales, and is building his business and life on his own terms.


Hi, my name is Glen and I'm from Camden, New Jersey. My life before joining the program I was in and out of sales, hopping around, just very unhappy. The way we were being taught was just, I think, unethical. I've been wanting to go into business for myself. Thankfully I found Sam and the course and the community. During the process of going through the program, I really learned how to cultivate the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur. I really had to level up in my thinking, my mindset, and discipline. After going through the program, I've had a few strategy sessions but I've yet to get a client, a paying client. I do know that if I continue to do the work and if I just do work and get better, practice, I can achieve what it is I set out to achieve. After going through the program, I do feel that I have leveled up in a way with my mindset thinking and discipline. They say in success, it's not really about the end goal but the person that you become. I really feel that this whole program is really helping me to become the person that I need to be in order to achieve success. I would recommend his program to others because it's a proven business model. It's a great community, great training. Sam really does care about the people in his community. Thank you.