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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Hotel
  • Location: Middletown ,Delaware, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program Mateen was involved in many other programs without solid direction. Once joining the Consulting Accelerator he was able to find a direct path to do what he was determined to do. Mateen found the tactical advice most helpful and has been able to obtain his first client on a monthly retainer.


Hello. Hi, my name is Matin Amin from Middletown, Delaware. I want to talk to you guys about Sam Ovens Consulting Program. What was it like before joining the Accelerator? First thing that I noticed when I first joined I was doing other programs, Affiliate Marketing, just trying to start a marketing business, really didn't have no direction where I was going. But I found Sam Ovens Consulting Program it was kind of giving me a better direction where I needed to go. While I was in the process of going through the Consulting Accelerator, I acknowledged going through the process and some of the things that I liked about the program was that where he actually go through and help you set up the landing pages for a digital marketing which was something that I was wanting to work on and I was having difficulty doing as an affiliate marketer. Now, he showed me how I can set my own affiliate squeeze page up, and also have a funnel at the same time, so that helped me out a lot because it gave me an idea to start my own company, my own business by doing this, and what it's like going through the program and after the program, well, I could tell you one thing, once I finished the program I was able to build a funnel. I was able to start my own company, grow my business a little bit. I do have a customer and a client right now as a retainer so it does work. I recommend anybody that's starting a business or wants to learn how to do consulting, Sam Ovens is the way to go. Just give it a try. I recommend it for anybody that's looking to start their own business, to grow their own business and get more customers and clients in their business. My name is Matin Amin, and you guys got the right stuff, and I'll see you guys on the other side.