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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Construction
  • Location: Concord West, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Geoffrey went from being a full-time doctor to full-time consultant using the Consulting Accelerator program. He would recommend this program to anybody and feels confident moving forward that he has all the tools necessary to grow his consulting business.


Hi, It's Jeffrey Yae-Hi from Sydney, Australia. Just wanted to show a quick testimonial, the Sam Evans consultant program. Just a bit about myself before, I was a doctor working full time. I had a pretty comfortable job, even though it was hard working. I didn't really consider any other sort of path in life until I came across Sam. During the program, the main benefit I think was that it really opened up my mindset and gave me an opportunity to understand the massive opportunity out there in terms of learning about the number one problem in paying businesses which is trying to find more customers. And so, during the program I've learnt a lot about sales and marketing and especially from the sales script which I think is worth its weight in gold. And so now, I've quit my full time job as a doctor, unbelievably. Now I'm taking this year off and working as a full time digital marketing consultant. I haven't gotten any clients yet but I'm looking to gain about 10 to 20 clients. I know from what I've learnt here that I've got all the tools and knowledge given to me by Sam to go forth and do that. So if you're thinking about joining, I would absolutely recommend that you do and try it out. Because the fundamentals of how to make money in this economy are in this program, no matter what sort of niche or you end up going into. All the best.