5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Plumbing
  • Location: North Las Vegas, NV, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

After going through just three short weeks of the Consulting Accelerator program, Travon has learned a ton, and is determined to be successful and grow his consulting business.


Hi, my name is Trey Von Chambers from Las Vegas, Nevada. I know it's supposed to be a testimonial, but I just wanted to use this time to say thank you to Sam Ovens, as well. I'm currently in the program. I've been in the program for coming up on three or four weeks now, almost a month. I had a good paying job, a good stable job out here in Las Vegas, nothing was wrong. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own business, or have my own business and be my own boss. Now I do, and every day I'm more excited to get up, learn more from this program, and keep going with the upcoming steps. If you're thinking about doing this program, I would definitely recommend it and I haven't made a single dime yet. That's crazy. I definitely recommend it so much to learn from it. Just the mindset itself, the class about mindset is great. I'm having a real, good blast doing this program. Can't wait for this upgrade, it's going to be phenomenal. I know it's going to be phenomenal because Sam Ovens made it. Like I said, I haven't made any money yet from using this program, but I know for sure that I'm going to. When I do and I become successful with my business, I'll make another video saying thank you to Sam Ovens and officially, officially, officially, two thumbs up with this program. If you're thinking about doing this program, go for it, man. The sky's the limit. You guys take it easy.