5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Painting Business
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since signing up for the Consulting Accelerator Shane has been learning and planning ways to implement the proven strategies Sam lays out in the course. He is confident that this month will be his best to date.


Hi, my name is Shane Walter. I'm from Fort Collins, Colorado. I purchased Sam Oven's Accelerating Consulting Course. Extremely happy with my purchase. It's been ridiculously easy to follow, just step by step instructions. Like you said, don't skip ahead. Just follow it to a T and it's really easy. One thing I found is you can get through it a lot quicker than the time he puts in there. If you're a go-getter and excited you could blow through this course and get going right away. I bought it about a month, got through weeks one through three extremely quick. With the businesses I run, February is just an insane month for me where I work 80 hours a week just nonstop. I putt things on hold. It's now March 9th, getting back to it. Just finished week four, excited to get through the end of the course and get going on everything. Before I was running a few businesses, was interested in getting in the consulting side of things. Saw his ad and it was perfect timing and just aligned with what I wanted to do. Bought into it, extremely happy with my purchase. During the course has been fun, exhilarating. Yeah, I've just enjoyed it. I'll be through the end of it here soon. I think I'll have my first five clients in March no problem, check back in March 30th. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. Yeah, just really excited to get going. Life afterwards, I'm not there but I imagine it's going to be great, it's great right now. Yep.