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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Manufacturing Companies
  • Location: County Clare, Munster, Ireland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program Michael felt as though he wasn't completely fulfilling his entire potential. He had a desire to create a bigger impact and create his own consulting business. Since joining the program Michael has now been able to make continual progress along his journey. He highly recommends the program for others.


Hey, it's Michael O'Grady from Cork City in Ireland, and I just wanted to quickly share with you my own experience on using Sam's Consulting Accelerator program. Now, before I joined Sam's program, I felt like I wasn't completely fulfilling my own potential in my career, and I wanted to contribute more, I wanted to make a bigger impact and I wanted to leverage my own skills and experience, so I could earn additional income, and I felt consulting was the way to go. I first saw Sam on one of his webinars, and although I did trust Sam, I had my own doubts and concerns around consulting, but luckily I took the leap of faith and joined the program, and never looked back since. Since joining the program, I have had the amazing experience of being able to make continual progress step-by-step, and at the same time having amazing support from the community whenever I felt stuck. Now, after week four into the program, I am in discussions with my first prospect client. I don't believe that I could have got this far without the program and the support of the community. If you are serious about consulting, I highly recommend you to join Consulting Accelerator program.