5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Interior Design
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Before going through the Consulting Accelerator, Ahmad was looking for a way to generate income online. He found the content very dialed in and not surrounded by ""fluff."" He was able to land clients and grow his business in two weeks. He would highly recommend the program. "


Hello, my name's Ahmed, and I'm from the London, in the UK, and I came across Sam's training about eight months ago now. Me and my business partner at the time, we were looking for a way to generate income online without having to be tied down into an office or tied down to any location, and we came across Sam's training and immediately we noticed that he's very open, authentic, and genuine, and with Sam's content and Sam's training, there's no fluff, you can get straight to the point, and he just tells you what you need to know. So we started the training course, quickly discovered our niche, did our research, absorbed everything, went through the training in a matter of weeks, and we quickly managed to get our first couple of clients, and that was actually in the first two weeks of implementing the training. So in terms of turn-around, it was very quick, and this consulting is not something that takes like, months or years of studying, it's something that you can do quite quickly, so that's something that we found really different to other training courses where it can take six months or a year before you actually start to get any results, so that was something that we found was awesome. And yes, we got our first few clients, and I would highly highly recommend Sam's training to anyone who's looking to start a business from scratch. Maybe you're working in an office, you're working a job that you don't like, there's something that you're into and you want to provide a service around that but you just don't know how, the training will really show you how to package that, how to price it, how to talk to clients, how to make sales calls and how to close sales calls. So overall I would really recommend Sam's training, and I'll speak to you guys soon.