5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Construction
  • Location: Qu�bec, Quebec, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Wiliam from Quebec, Canada. He's been in the program for just a few months and is also a political science major. He was kind a hesitant when he started the program but after 2 weeks he learned a lot already. He can't wait to finish the program and he recommends it to anyone who wants to join.


Hi, it's William from Quebec City. I've been in the programs for about five to six months now. Before the program I was a student in political science. When I first joined I was really scared, it feels so huge to make such a move, but I had a friend that was already doing that type of work, so I just asked him how it was, and it actually helped me decide whether or not I wanted to go into Sam's program. So far I'm about ... I've only done two weeks of the program, and I'm pretty sure it's worth the money already. The reason why I haven't been doing much of the program is because I feel like I want more information about how to do the job first, so I've been gathering books, reading around, and doing some easy study of the crazy stuff. I can't wait to actually finish Sam's program, it seems awesome, there's so much info that I'm missing right now. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone that would want to join, because so far only two weeks of the program actually changed my life. It changed my mindset, it changed the way I see businesses, it changed the way I want to do things in life, it changed so many things. And only in two weeks, the psychological barrier that has been into my mind, and then I have had to go through, is already insane. If you want to go further in life, I would definitely recommend this program. So cheers guys.