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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fashion Consulting
  • Location: Woodstock, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

San always wanted to be self=employed, had a lot of ideas, but lacked a plan. She started working with Sam and found it helpful to hone her skills, select her target market and is ready to start landing clients. She encourages others to invest in themselves.


Hi this is Sam Hicks from Georgia. I've always wanted to be self-employed, and I had lots of ideas, but I never had a solid plan. Then several months ago I attended a webinar, and Sam Ovens was the guest speaker. He presented his program that outlined, step by step, how I could actually turn my plan into a money making business. I was hesitant at first, and I thought "Should I purchase this?" I tried several things in the past that didn't quite work out, so I was a little skeptical. But then I decided it's time to invest in me. I purchased the program, it did take me a few months to get through it. Working full-time and then doing things at night, I really didn't have time to commit. But once I decided to commit to finishing the course, I am happy to say I am ready to get my first customer. Sam's program helped me hone my skill, I finally decided on the service that I'm going to offer. I'm aware of my target market, and I'm ready to make it happen. If you are deciding whether this program is for you or not, I say invest in yourself. You will not be disappointed.