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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Art/Dance
  • Location: Pflugerville, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting Consulting Accelerator Aaron was trying to breakthrough with his business. He has gone through the course and now works with the types of clients of his choice and is ready to launch his advertising campaign.


Hey, there. from San Antonio, Texas, guys. You can see me grinning ear to ear with excitement and enthusiasm as I make this video because I truly am just grateful for Sam Ovens and what he's done in his consulting training. Before I got started with his program, I was really just trying to just break through as I had been for almost a decade. I currently I have a full time job as a software engineer, as a lead software engineer making about $130,000 a year so it's been really rough for me to try to leave that. I got to say that before his training, I had spent well over $100,000 in various education. I got a master's degree in internet marketing and so, I've been at this for a while and I've seen some successes, but never enough to really break through and quit my job. As I opened up Sam's course and got into it, I could see immediately that he was the real deal. This was the real deal and got super excited and just submitted myself to the process and really went through. Immediately, I started seeing myself transform. I started seeing my business transform because before Sam's program, I had done consulting before, but I never got the good clients. I always got the crappy ones that were just a hassle, a pain to deal with. They just were just difficult and wouldn't stick around and would cause me headaches. The moment that I started really just expanding my mind, allowing the process to work, things started changing. This was only three and a half months ago I want to say when I got started and during that time, I've actually I've had two strategy sessions. I've only done really organic marketing. I'm just about to launch an advertising campaign that I'm super, super stoked about, but during that organic marketing process, which Sam walks you through step by step and I followed, I've actually had two strategy sessions and I closed both of them, two for two at $2,000 a month so that's like $50,000 revenue, and I haven't really gotten started annually so, I have $4,000 a month coming in and I haven't really started this marketing campaign. These clients are the best clients because they're paying premium money for premium services and I'm just super excited because everything has changed since then. I just know that continue along with this, in a matter of a month, two months from launching this advertising campaign that my income's going to skyrocket to 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 a month and I'll be able to leave that job and go get the dream home that my wife and I want in Hawaii. The one thing that really, really stood out for me is the 7-figure sales training. As I said, I went two for two in my training so if you're thinking about getting this course, just stop what you're doing right now and just buy it. Just buy it. It is absolutely gold.