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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Video Game
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Marlon was a EMT and enjoying his career - but really wanted more out of life and to make even more money than a traditional job allows. After starting, he loves the whole program and is well on his way to reaching out to ideal prospects and landing clients!


Hi. here, from Brooklyn, New York, and currently in the Sam Ovens 2.0 Accelerator, and I just wanted to talk a little bit about it and all the value I've gotten from it. Currently a EMT, which is very rewarding job, but I always had aspirations of being the boss myself, and making all the money that I want from just doing things I really want to do. So, I took the leap of faith, I invested in myself, and here I am. I'm in Sam Ovens Consulter Accelerator 2.0 with no regrets and I love it all. Reading books like Influence and Power Now, and Think And Grow Rich were all great, exceptional books, but I just never had the first-hand experience that I would with Sam, and the Facebook group are all mentors in themselves. I love all the members, just by them ringing the bell for motivation and having questions, and their values. It's just very, very, very positive and I love it. It's very amazing, actually. One of the videos that I really wanted to talk about just a little bit is Mastering Your Own Message, which Sam actually teaches you how to be an expert at. Because, if you think about it every single waking moment is a message. You're conveying messages, whether through people or with your girlfriend or your boss, you're mastering a message or you're sending a message. You want to know how to master that message to make it as powerful as it can be, because you want something said and you want it being said the right way. He teaches you the right way, and I've now, going through working through life, I always think to myself, "What is the message I'm sending and how am I sending it?" I always think about things that I learned from Sam that would help me say it in a way where it gets to that person a hundred percent. I'm enjoying it. I still have a couple more weeks in it. I love every single moment of it, and hopefully you'll enjoy it, too. Thank you, Sam Ovens and Facebook group.