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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Guitarists
  • Location: Carteret, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Noah was still in college. Upon going through the program, he is way more focused and confident in what he has to offer to others. He is planning on using it to start his own coaching business. He would absolutely recommend the program to others.


Hi guys, it's Noah from New York, New York. I'm here to talk to you about Sam Ovens and his consulting course. So before I got involved with the course, I was actually still in college. I studied music at the Berkeley College of Music, in Boston Mass., and I just graduated this past May. When I first got out, of the first couple of months, I really wasn't making much money, and I was doing a whole bunch of odd-jobs that definitely weren't what I want to school for, just to try and make some rent. I really wasn't happy. So, at that point I had been looking for courses to try and change that, and the first thing I saw was actually Tia Lopez. That's how I was introduced to Sam Ovens' course. I went through a webinar and at first I was kind of skeptical of whether or not it was the right investment at the time, because like I said, I really didn't have a lot. But, I think that we've all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over and expecting a different result. So, I knew that I had to take the risk, and it was absolutely worth it. Once I got inside the course, I honestly couldn't believe how thorough, and straight-forward it was. It was laid out in about six-weeks. And everything was step-by-step. The sales training was incredible, and my favorite part was the mindset training, and that's really what I needed to take out of the program. And now after going through all of it, I'm way ore focused and the biggest thing for me is, I'm more confident in what I know I have to offer. You wouldn't really think that a course like a consulting accelerator would apply to musicians, but I'm actually using it to build up a teaching and coaching business, to give myself some income while I work on my own musical projects on the side. Now instead of telling people, "I'm a musician." Or, "I'm a guitarist." I say, "I help guitarists finally reach their playing, and technique goals, by creating an easy-to-follow, and thorough practice schedule." And honestly, that mindset shift has made a huge difference for me, and anybody I've worked with. In terms of recommending the program; I wold absolutely recommend it. It doesn't just apply to people who want to consult. I'm a musician, and this works for me. So, you can use to have a laser-focus, to finally get in shape for the fist time in your life, or anything else. It's really an amazing program, and if you're watching this right now, you need to do what I did, and finally take that risk, and believe in yourself, and invest in yourself. So, take care.