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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Photography
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Rodrigo was wrapping up school but didn't really know what direction he wanted to go in, and was confused. After the program, he discovered mental frameworks and business tactics that allowed him to make decisions for himself, and create a photography and marketing business where he has creative freedom and can thrive financially.


Hello there, this is Mario Cacho, from Mexico City and I used Manage Maker Quick with you about Sam Ovens program and it is mainly for people that are struggling to make the decision between, you know, taking this opportunity or living it and well I was ... I wouldn't say I have no job, I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do with my life and I just got out of school and I was just trying to do everything. I have no structure and I have no path and no real understanding of how things worked. In or just like in a lifestyle sense because I wanted to be free, I wanted to have this ability to make my own decisions, where I want to work and where I want to go. So, that's why I chose this program because, I mean, it just seemed to be the best option. I have great value foremost, because I don't know about formal education but, I think, it's overpriced, largely, like if you were paying for a graduate degree, you're spending a ton of money and I just think it's not worth it at all, when you get all this knowledge from guys like Sam. And, well, during the program I was very excited because you get all this information and all this new things that Sam's talking about and well, I just, you're supposed to do it every week. You get five weeks to do it and I just did, like, in two weeks. I was very excited to do it. Then after I finished I started taking action and actually, I took a different path from people that already finished the program. I just implemented some of the things that I learned into things that I wanted to do that's photography and I intertwined these consulting abilities with photography, videography and digital marketing. And I just revamped my whole idea of what I wanted to do and it's just amazing, the value you will get from this. I will ... I just have to recommend this strongly to anyone, even if you're just a creative person who thinks about freedom, creative freedom. This is a great guide for frameworks, mental frameworks. And also just a little bit of tips, a lot of tips actually, of very useful information. And I just want to let you find out what this is and well, I just want to thank Sam and his team and I hope see you soon.