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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Multimedia
  • Location: Canning Vale, WA, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Leon is currently working through the Consulting Accelerator and has found program to be helpful. He also has been inspired by the Facebook Community. He would recommend the program to others.


Hi, my name is Leon Ye, I'm from Perth, West Australia and I've been doing Consulting Accelerate course and currently working through it, but during the course I've learned from good teaching of the benefit of being given actual steps and being inspired by the Facebook group, being involved in seeing other students in similar situations, working or studying and them still being able to gain much improvement and growth in sales. And their own personal growth inspired me to stay focused on my business and growing and completing the course and also being involved in the question and answer video conference calls, which are held every week by experts in digital marketing and software as a service in consulting. And that's also helped me to learn from other people, their experience and really stay focused and really prioritize my time and make good progress. So, currently I've progressed through a few of Sam's courses, Cash Flow consulting, it's consulting accelerators helped me increase my knowledge in industries such as advertising and video multi-media, which I'm involved in and taken on his program, Business Principles that can be applied to almost any industry. So, I encourage anyone looking to grow a business, grow themselves, to consider the course if it's suitable and within your budget.