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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Art/Film
  • Location: Brooklyn , NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

During the Consulting Accelerator, Iram learned more about digital marketing and how it could be very important.


Hi. My name is and I'm from New York City. I just moved here. Before Consulting Accelerator I was doing a masters program and working at a doctor's clinic. During the Consulting Accelerator program I learned that digital marketing is an area to make money and you could freelance in it and become a consultant in it. I chose a niche at that time, which is the medical field. Then I changed my mind. Then I didn't work on it for a while but I was always on the consulting community on Facebook looking at what other people posted. I did talk to one person about it and eventually I am working with one person from the consulting community on her niche and that kind of motivated me to stick with it. It is kind of hard motivating yourself to continue with it. Afterwards I see that digital marketing is important so I'm going to build a website and I'll start blogging to build my audience and learn about consulting services. The consulting community just opened up some knowledge for me on the possibility of making money through digital marketing. If I recommend this to other people, if they're interested in consulting in digital marketing then maybe. I guess maybe something with an overview of what digital marketing is. It's a lot of information, like content marketing, email marketing, but I guess just following Sam's methods might be helpful. Thank you.