5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Copywriting
  • Location: Metuchen, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Dennis from New Jersey is just starting the Consulting Accelerator but he's excited about what's ahead. Does he recommend the program? You'll have to watch to see.


Hey, this is Dennis from Jersey. I am recording the testimonial for the Consulting Accelerator program from Sam Ovens. Before the program, I was having a hard time with my finances, but that's where the program comes in. My hope is that the program will enable me to start my own consulting business and then use that to become financially independent and wealthy. The program, so far, has been great. I haven't finished it yet, I'll be honest with you. But so far, the last sessions have been great, I've been learning a lot. I hope to be able to use the program, once I complete it, to start my own consulting business. I have no doubt that I'll be able to do that once I actually finish the program. Like I said, I haven't finished the program yet, but I will soon. Do I recommend the program to other people? That depends. It depends on whether or not the person is willing to commit the time to actually finish the program, and not do what I do, and procrastinate. So, if you can finish the program, you can dedicate time to it every day, then by all means, go ahead and get the program, otherwise, think twice about it. Then once you feel like you can commit to it, then get the program. Other than that, it's been great. I hope to, once again, finish the program and then give a proper testimony after. Thanks.