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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Creative Agencies
  • Location: Kogarah Bay, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Nikhil's business was unpredictable before starting the Consulting Accelerator. He now has the confidence, strength, and system for creating a predictable income and is within reach of the life he desires.


Hi. My name is and I'm from Sydney, in Australia, and before I started Consulting Accelerator, I was a freelance copywriter, content marketer, digital marketer, and my income was all over the place. My months were unpredictable. There'd be months where I would barely make enough to live off, and there's other months where I'd hit the jackpot, and I couldn't keep going like that. There were times when I was considering going back to a day job, and then I came across Consulting Accelerator. During the program, I was amazed at the amount of valuable information that Sam actually gives. His stuff is mind blowing. I have not seen this quality of training anywhere. The coaching calls, which happened twice a week, have just been a fantastic resource for me. I've been able to ask any questions and without judgments. They've answered the questions and really gone that extra mile to help me out. The Facebook community is just a great resource as well. So much inspiration when you're seeing other people on the same journey as you are. But the level of support and the encouragement they give you, it's just a great community to be around especially when you're looking to start or build your consulting business. And now, where I'm at is, look, I've got not only the confidence and strength to actually do more with this, but now, I know I have a system for getting to where I want to go and having a predictable income, and very clearly, the opportunity for me to have a life that I've always dreamed of is now within grasp. So, if you're thinking about doing Consulting Accelerator, stop thinking because for a relatively low investment, you're not only going to get the best information available to you, it will return from that very first training video that you watch, and it'll be the best investment you make. So, just go out there, sign up for this and you won't regret this ever. So, all the best and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.