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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Artists
  • Location: Owensboro, KY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Steffan was a dance coach but didn't have the business knowledge to turn his skills and art into something where he could thrive financially. After the program, he was able to get some of the biggest names in his industry as clients and ultimately change his life.


Yo, what's up guys. Welcome to my testimonial. My name is Stephan Clarg. I'm from Kentucky which is in the United States. I just want to give you all a little insight on Sam's program, what I think about it and how it's helped me. So, I would just like to start off by saying what I like to do, what I do is I help artists discover that perfect fusion of creativity and business. And if you're a business owner and I like what you're doing I help you get more clients with digital marketing. But before all of that I was a person that just really wanted to make an impact on the world. All right. Who really wanted to unleash my potential. You know crack down on my mindset, make more money, and like I said just really help out society. And I had a lot of ideas. I had a lot of dreams, but I didn't really know how to make them happen. I came across Sam Ovens' webinar through Todd Lopez and I was like, "Hey, let me check this out." It was about how to create a profitable coaching and consulting business and I was a dance coach. I was like let me learn about it. Anyway, so I took the course. I signed up for the course; paid the amount that it was worth, well over. Let me tell you what; it was absolutely crazy. Before I didn't know anything. I didn't know anything about business. I took a couple of courses and they were cool and all, but there was still stuff that I was missing. I had no foundations. I had no direction. So I started going through Sam's course. And immediately, the price that that course was worth I got my return on that investment in that first week easy. Okay. First week easy is when you get a return on your investment okay. I just want to make that clear. That first week I was absolutely shocked. And then you get into week two and your like "Holy crap this is so freaking awesome." It provides so much value in week two, and we weren't even half way through all of the weeks. And then we get onto week three, week four, week five and six. Let me tell you what, the content is absolutely fantastic. It's absolutely fantastic. If you're looking to double down on your mind set. If you are looking to make the money that you were trying to make and really most importantly make the impact you are trying to make I highly encourage Sam Oven's course. So what I've been able to do since I've joined his course. One, I've been able to increase my income. All right, which is extremely important to me because I was super broke before I bought ... Second best thing is that I've been able to work with ... Listen I'm an artist okay, specifically a dancer. And I've been able to work with choreographers that I used to watch on movies, okay. I've been able to reach out with them and work with them and get insight from them and be able to mentor under them. These guys who I used to watch and I grew up watching them on film, on television okay. I guarantee if there's a dance television show ... There was a client that I had and he was on ... Sorry if you watch dance television shows he's been on those television shows. I don't want to name names right now; it's not something appropriate for this video. However, I got to work with that guy and I've been able to connect with other people as well. And there's other things that I've been able to do with this course. And I got my return immediately, absolutely immediately. Now you may be scared to take this course. You may be scared to invest in it, okay Let me tell you what. That fear is okay. I understand. However, push through that fear, because that fear that you're experiencing is a sign. Okay, it's a sign that's tells you that you're about to go to the next level through purchasing this course. So once again, this course has helped me. It's helped others. You see the testimonials and the Facebook group. Everybody's ringing the bell which is what we say whenever we get clients, okay. So don't be scared, but purchase the course. I can't, I just can't beg you enough, okay. Purchase the course and go to the next level. Once again I want to give a shout out to Sam Ovens. Thank you so much dude. This course is absolutely awesome.