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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Design
  • Location: London, Walworth, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jeffrey was unhappy with his current situation in the corporate world. He quit his job went all on with Consulting Accelerator and experienced massive financial growth by doing so. He has truly transformed his life and business.


My name's Jeffrey Baker. I am a US consultant based in London. I first found out about Sam Ovens' training course when I was a permanent member of Star for a corporate company. I was pretty unhappy. I was earning a very average salary, which is fine, but I was unable to afford things like going on holiday. My girlfriend was expecting to go on holiday that year so it was a pretty stressful time. When I was in that situation, I came across Sam Ovens' webinar. I watched it, I took inspiration, and I believed in the message. I really took it on board, and I quit my job and bought in to his program to become a consultant. I had a four week notice period to find my first client. I really just went all in. It took me six weeks in total. I found my first client and I literally doubled my day rate salary. The beginning rate for a new consultant in the UK is around double the average salary of a permanent member of staff. So to become successful in doing that was an incredible change in my life situation, as you can imagine. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough. He really led me through that change. I had never consulted before, and it was my first time doing so, and yet I was so successful and I couldn't have done it without him. He really leads you through this process of finding your niche, finding what you're good at, finding the skills that you have, and seeing where they fit into a marketplace in such a way that it creates the opportunity for a sustainable business model, and I would never have known what that process was had it not been for his training course. If you are serious about becoming a consultant, look no further. There is no one better on the market than Sam Ovens for becoming a consultant. He is the person responsible for leading me through this change. I doubled my salary off the back of this training course that I bought in to. I have paid for the training course many times over just through the freelancing work that I got in following his advice. He takes you through this process so fast: finding your niche and then building on that, and then really finding your specialty and how to market yourself as a consultant, how to get clients, how to retain clients, how to market yourself through Facebook. He has one of the best Facebook advertising courses I know of. It's just incredible. The level of detail he takes you through is immense even if you've never touched it before. I had never done Facebook advertising before his course but it takes you through this process and it's so detailed and so thorough that it's impossible not to take the massive amount of value away from Facebook once you've learned his process for learning how to do it. So, once again, I cannot recommend Sam highly enough. It was the turning point in my career and I will always be grateful. I will always be very, very thankful of that towards him because it really was the turning point. I experienced tremendous financial growth in my business following his advice, following his course. Again, my name's Jeffery Baker. This is coming from London. I'm a US consultant and I highly recommend Sam Ovens.