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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Media
  • Location: Crestone, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Vickie was looking to scale her business and joined Consulting Accelerator looking to do just that. She and her team have been able to gain more confidence, attract their ideal type of client, and lower the cost per acquisition. The business now has less stress, more productivity and has increased business around 30%.


Hi, my name is Vickie Helm, I'm out of Boulder, Colorado. I own Smart Group Firm, which is a consulting firm out of Boulder as well. We purchased Sam's accelerator program, the consulting accelerator program because we wanted to scale up. We wanted to make our business grow a little bit bigger. What happened was when we got the accelerator program, it was easy to go through. It's fairly simple. There's the module, you go through the module, you do the task. He provides the forms for you, the templates for you, everything that you need to go ahead and scale up. This way, everything, it made the training really easy to go through. He also provides a really solid consulting community online. There was tons of availability for ideas, you could see what other people were doing, you could have your ideas evaluated. There was training once a week and you could ask questions. There's great support in the system as well. There was a way to scale, not without doing it all by yourself and going through the mistakes that you could go through. We didn't have those. We just implemented the system. After we did that, our consulting accelerator program was completed by a team of three of us and then we noticed three things that improved in our business and I really want to go over them because they're so important. First off, number one, our team's confidence was way higher and we started to attract the client we actually wanted to. What we were doing before was throwing advertising money out to the general public and sifting through, trying to find our client, and so what happened was our expenses dropped because now we were targeting the client we wanted to work with, and who wanted to work with as well. That made the expenses drop our cost of acquisition. The second thing we did was we now have more ... there's a uniformity in our company. We have a way of evaluating and using our intake processes and using our followup systems because all those systems were provided inside the program and we just simply took them out of the box and put them right in. What that did was help our teams know how to talk to each other. It was just way easier and our clients got better service that way. Our client care has gone way up. Lastly, the thing is, there's less stress in our office. There's less stress as to finding out what people are doing. There's less confusion and our productivity is up because we have that system in place. If you're thinking of investing in the program, and you're looking to add a division or create more productivity or add consulting to your business practice, this is a great investment. It's helped us a lot. I know that our business is up 30% and well, it's actually up about I'd say, about 28% but still, that's up. We are looking forward to growing it more. If you're looking for a good investment, this is it. All right. Thanks, bye bye.