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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Filmmaking Industry
  • Location: Miranda/Caracas, Venezuela
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andres recommends Consulting Accelerator and has seen first hand how it can change ones life.


Hey guys. My name is Andre Gonzales and I am from Caracas, Venezuela. Sam Ovens' program, it's been great for me. Just to put you in a little context. I am a guy with a physical disability. As you can see I am in a wheelchair. If you heard the international news in 2017, you probably know that Venezuela is going through an awful social, political, and economical crisis. In the past I've struggled a lot to make a living, to make some money, to be financially independent, and to get a job in my condition also has been very difficult. Sam's program is amazing. It's so simple and elegant, yet powerful. The sales part is amazing. The Facebook part, there's none of it that I can say lacks power. I definitely can consider Sam Ovens as a mentor for life for me. I've developed my consulting in film making and image consulting industry. I work right now with the top three film making production companies right now here in my country, which work in co-productions with companies such as Alcon Entertainment, DMG Entertainment. They like to come here to Venezuela because we have very beautiful, natural resources and landscapes. We're talking here about Hollywood productions, nine figure productions. My life has totally shifted. As you can see I work in a totally redesigned workspace. Sam Ovens is the man. I definitely recommend the program, and I hope I can see you guys in the consulting community. Have a good one.