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4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Band Identity Development, in 5 days
  • Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joel is working through Consulting Accelerator and has used the program to start his own business, focus in on the fundamentals and is planning on landing his first client in the next 30 days.


Hello, Sam. Joel here in , Australia. I been a part of it for about three months. I haven't finished it yet. Before the course, I was really just fluffing around, trying to find something that was going to help me get out of the career I was in, start my own business. YouTube was full of fluff. It's hard to focus on anything. You don't know what's right. Everyone's trying to sell you everything. Sam's course was sort of for everyone, any business. That's why I liked it, so I did it. I made the commitment, joined. During the course now, it's been great. I can't believe what I'm learning. Like I said, I'm only three weeks through. On week three now, I've been holding a long time, because it's all about the mindset, and I knew right away that was exactly what I needed for this. Hopefully going forward it's going to be great. From what I can tell so far, everyone's having great success. Hopefully I'm one of them. Haven't made any money yet. Hopefully next month, I'll be able to pick up my first client, which will be great. Since joining, would I recommend this to someone? Yeah. I haven't even finished it, but I'm actually recommending this to a friend. They haven't listened yet, but they're sort of in the same boat I was, where they're looking for something. They want to change careers. I told them, "This is the one. This will help you for sure." So, that's it. The course is going great, and I can't wait to finish and start my own business. Thanks. See ya.