The Ideal Consulting Logo For 2019

(20+ Logo Ideas From Real Companies)

Often, the first batch of questions we get from our students is about their logo:

  • How important is my consulting logo?
  • How should I go about designing my first logo?
  • What message does my current logo send to potential clients?
  • What makes certain logos enhance a brand while others detract?

In this guide, we’ll provide everything you need to create the ideal consulting logo in 2019. We’ll show you where your logo and overall branding should fit on your priority list and go through 20 of our favorite logo ideas from real consulting companies.

To begin, let’s talk about branding, and why 99% of first time entrepreneurs do it wrong.

The Truth About Branding That Nobody Ever Told You

Branding is the process of creating and associating meaning with a brand. It’s developing and shaping the perception of your business.

The importance of branding scales with the size of your business.

When you are spending $100,000 per month on advertising, branding is very important. The perception of your business can have a big impact on your advertising ROI.

When you are getting 50,000 visitors per month to you website, branding is very important. Even minor branding elements can have a large impact on your conversion rate.

But what about when you are just getting started?

How much does branding matter for a new independent consultant?

It doesn’t.

Nobody is going to hire you based on your logo.

The type of clients you are most likely to clopse in your first year probably won’t even look at your website.

In fact, every dollar you invest in branding is a wasted dollar that could be invested in something more important for succeeding as a consultant.

When you are starting a consulting business, there are only two things you should be focused on:

  1. Landing clients
  2. Solving your clients’ problems

You might think that landing clients requires good branding, but that’s not how things work when you are getting started. Your first clients will be acquired through networking, direct outreach, or very specific advertising.

People aren’t simply going to happen upon your website, think, “Hmmm this looks like a great brand,” and then give you their money.

A good rule of thumb for logo investment is one day and 1% of your startup budget. Are you spend $10,000 to launch your business? In that case, spending $100 on your logo is probably fine. Do you only have $500 to spend? Guess what, a Fiverr logo is going to be JUST FINE.

Regardless, you shouldn’t be spending more than a single day worrying about this. The goal for your consulting logo and really for all things branding in your first year is simple: just look moderately presentable.

With that in mind, let’s talk logos.

3 Rules For Creating The Ideal Consulting Logo

Hopefully, if you are still reading this, we’ve convinced you not to waste unnecessary time and money on your logo and branding.

Still, you do want to look presentable, and if you follow these three rules, that won’t be a problem:

  1. Keep it relevant.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Keep it clean.

Relevancy is first and foremost.

A logo is NOT a playground for your personal artistic expression.

At least... not if financial success is your main business goal.

Your logo should make sense for your business. It should be relevant to who you are and what you are doing.

If your value proposition is that you help tattoo businesses launch and grow, then it might make sense for your logo to look more artistic or incorporate features that bring to mind body art.

If you are helping accountants grow their businesses, creating a tattoo-esque logo would make zero sense and detract from your brand.

If the name of your business is “Pinnacle Education Consultants” don’t randomly include an image of Lion. A mountain, on the other hand, makes sense.

Simplicity is also important.

Your consulting logo should not confuse viewers or even absorb their attention.

If possible, we want their to be some element of recognizable uniqueness to the logo, but beyond that, complexity is a hindrance.

The main reason we want to avoid complexity is that it is both unnecessary and difficult to pull off. The more advanced your logo tries to be, the more time and money you’ll need to invest to get it right.

You might think, “Wow, this logo is amazing,” and you’d be right. You might then think, “That’s pretty simple; I should get something like that,” and you’d be very, very wrong.

This image is not stock art. A professional graphic designer had to manually design this graphic and likely went through several drafts before settling on this iteration. That’s time and money that you probably can’t afford to be sinking into a logo.

It makes sense for a new restaurant to spend a few hundred dollars... maybe even a few thousand... on their logo and branding. They are already investing hundreds of thousands in startup costs and branding is a big part of generating buzz for a new restaurant.

Your consulting business, on the other hand, would be in the exact same spot with this as the logo:

Clean design is essential in 2019.

The good news is it’s very easy to look presentable and modern on a budget with clean design.

Clean design is really simple, which fits perfectly with our previous rule.

It’s one color... two maximum.

It’s straight lines and very simple curves.

It uses modern fonts that follow the same rules.

It makes your business look modern, and every half-decent graphic designer (and graphic design student) in 2019 knows how to do it.

This logo is not clean:

It’s too busy. It has 3D styling. It has multi-directional gradients. It looks like 90’s clipart.

Now look at this logo:

It has one color. It has a simple graphic. It looks great.

Now let’s put it altogether.

The Ideal Consulting Logo For New Consultants In 2019

Okay, time to create your ideal consulting logo.

Let’s review:

  1. Keep it relevant.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Keep it clean.

What is a stupidly easy way to pull off all of these things in one day... for free?


Turn your business name into your company logo.

It’s that easy.

Using your business name as your logo makes it relevant by default. Just using the text itself keeps its simple and clean to some extent, with the right font choice rounding out both of those requirements.

It’s that easy.

If it’s good enough for a $13 Billion consulting firm, it’s good enough for you.

Just head on over to 1001 Fonts and type your business name into the “your text here” section.

Browse until you find one that looks clean and modern. Download the font for free. Unzip the folder. Install the TrueType font file. And just like that, you have your logo!

If you want to find some sort of clean, relevant icon to attach to the text, you can, just keep in mind that you are adding unnecessary time to your logo creation process and unnecessary complexity that might detract from your logo or simply require more item to fine tune.

Keep it relevant.

Keep it simple.

Keep it clean.

Don’t spend more than one day and 1% of your startup budget on it.

You can ALWAYS revisit your logo and overall branding when you have a successful business established.

Okay, now that we understand what makes a logo work, let’s look at some awesome logo ideas from real companies.

20 Logo Ideas From Real Companies & Consultants

Why start from scratch when there are so many great examples out there. Here’s 20 of our favorite consulting logo ideas to inspire your own logo creation process.

Logo #1: We Picked This For A Reason

We really like our logo here at, and we practice what we preach. It’s relevant, simple, and clean, and it’s a great example to demonstrate just how easy it is to create a top notch logo.

Logo #2: The Most Famous Consulting Firm On Earth

McKinsey & Company is THE most prestigious consulting firm on Earth, which means we need to be paying attention to everything they’re doing... including their logo, which just so happens to perfectly meet our criteria.

You don’t need to be fancy to be professional, but take notice that this isn’t a goofy or fun font. It’s not even a modern font. It’s a classic font, like the company it is being used to represent.

Logo #3: The 2nd Most Famous Consulting Firm On Earth

Notice how similar the font used is to the previous example. It’s classic. It’s professional. Another massively famous firm... another simple, clean, and relevant logo. The Boston Consulting Group continues our logo spotlight down the list of the world’s most prestigious firms.

BCG utilizes both their acronym and an all-caps spelling of their brand name within the logo. If you haven’t been landing on a font you like or you don’t really like the way your brand name looks as its own logo, consider looking for an acronym or playing around with all-caps.

Logo #4: The 3rd Most Famous Consulting Firm On Earth

Let’s make it three for three. There’s a reason we showed you Bain & Company’s logo earlier as a prime example for you to follow.

Unlike the previous two firms, Bain & Company has gonna with a very modern, straight-edge font with a very modern, minimalist icon. This is a great template for new consultants creating or revamping their branding in 2019.

Logo #5: The 4th Most Famous Consulting Firm On Earth

One last time (if you haven’t quite gotten the memo), simple works... even for billion dollar companies. Deloitte might just have the simplest logo ever made, and their branding is instantly recognizable.

You will notice when looking at Deloitte’s branding that the green period is essentially their icon. They use it in a variety of ways and it is ALWAYS present in their branding, making it iconic in its own right. If you want an icon in your branding, it doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

Logo #6: IT Consulting & Management

IT consulting is quickly overtaking management consulting as the most lucrative consulting industry, yet strangely enough, the vast majority of IT consulting firms have awful logos. CPI Solutions breaks that trend with a acronym-based logo you can pull some inspiration from.

One of the biggest potential downsides to using your full name as a logo is spacing. Unless you have a short name, your logo won’t be square or close to square. It will be a long rectangle. You can get around this by using an acronym and then incorporating a word or two in small font, like we see here.

Logo #7: Business Strategy Consulting Firm

L.E.K. Consulting is a relatively young business strategy consulting firm that has become a global player over the last two decades. Their logo’s emphasis on the background provides some unique inspiration while holding true to our criteria.

Utilizing a simple, colored shape as a background is in interesting way to create a more unique logo without straying from the path of simplicity.

Logo #8: Environmental Design & Consultancy

While we don’t typically recommend trying to pack a lot of info into your logo, there may be industries or niches where you feel like you need to, and if you’re going to do it, this logo from environmental consultancy Arcadis is a fantastic example of how to do it right.

The supplemental text here could even be used similar to an icon, so if you go this route, consider ditching the icon altogether and using the supplemental text as the added visual element.

Logo #9: Sales Training & Consulting

Relevance is important in your logo, but it’s also beneficial within the brand name itself. RAIN Group offers a great example of a relevant brand name, as they have leveraged the idea of the “rain man” sales extrordinaire into their branding.

If you want to use a random mascot as a part of your logo and branding, that’s not necessarily going to sabotage your brand, but relevance is always superior to randomness, so try to be relevant whenever possible.

Logo #10: Consulting For Private Accounting Practices

This example is from Andrew Argue, a consultant for private accountants who went through our course here at Andrew is one of our top performing students, earning over $2 million in his first year after taking our course.

Notice how the font is straight-edge, simple, bold, and modern, and the icon is adapted directly from the chosen font.

Logo #11: Career Coaching & Consulting

You don’t need anything more than your own name to create a professional brand and logo, as this beautifully simple example from Jena Viviano demonstrates. Simply find a clean, modern font, and you’re done.

You should also try to match your logo to your intended branding. Since Jena makes frequent use of floral patterns and pastels in her website branding, the elegant font chosen for her logo fits perfectly within the larger scope of her branding.

Logo #12: Copywriting & Marketing Consulting

Another great example comes from Jacob McMillen, a copywriter, marketing consultant, and student of our consulting course. Jacob doubled his revenue within a month of taking our Consulting Accelerator program.

Jacob’s logo perfectly combines a straight-edge, modern font with a bit of curvature and style in the icon.

Logo #13: Conversion Software Used By Consultants

Dave Rogenmoser, another top performing student of ours, ended up launching a conversion software business that we now use here at As a live notification app, Proof offers us another great example of relevant, simple, and clean logo design in action.

Notice how the icon is intended to denote receiving a notification on a smartphone app, indicating that a live action has taken place. Not only can this have a subtle, psychological effect on those engaging with the brand, but it also serves as a highly relevant icon connected directly to the brand’s offer.

Logo #14: Interior Design Consulting

One trending option for building a consulting business is to “productize” a consulting service. By breaking down the delivery of your expertise into a standard, click-to-purchase type package, you can make your expertise more accessible for a larger volume of customers. Havenly has done just that with interior design consulting, and both their logo and business model are worth emulating.

While we typically wouldn’t recommend going for a visually complex icon like the one chosen here, it makes sense for a visual design company to go for a more visually complex logo. After all, they theoretically should have the professionals to pull it off.

Logo #15: Human Resources Consulting

One easy way to keep your logo icon relevant is to adapt it from the wording or letters of your logo. This example from human resources consulting firm Robert Half shows a simple, clean way to do just that.

This also adds some flexibility to your branding, as you can use the icon only, the icon with the name listed underneath, or the icon with the name listed to the right (as pictured), depending on what your available spacing allows.

Logo #16: Financial & Organizational Consulting

Continuing on the theme of letters as icons, we see this fantastic logo example from financial consulting firm Raftelis. Their website is worth checking out as well, serving as an all-around example of exceptional design and branding.

The font and particular the spacing are very clean and modern. The icon is even better. Take notes.

Logo #17: Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

We’ve only said this about a hundred times, but don’t over-complicate your logo design. See this logo from image consultant The Essential Man? It’s literally just the brand name written in Noe Display Medium font, and it looks amazing.

This doesn’t have to be hard. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple.

Logo #18: Social Media & Marketing Consulting

There are two reasons to take note of this logo from marketing agency Convince & Convert. First, it’s a great logo with an awesome, relevant icon and clean, modern font. Second, it’s a great example for independent consultants who are torn between self-branding and creating a distinct brand and want to do both.

“Jay Baer” anchors the brand to the consultant but can be removed at any point. Anyone who knows Jay or know of Jay will immediately connect that this is his brand, but if Jay ever decides to sell his business, the Convince & Convert brand can be easily handed off without losing its identity.

Logo #19: IT Consulting & Support

The crazy simple brand-name-as-a-logo motif can be universally applied across every industry and niche. Here’s another great example from IT consulting firm PlanetMagpie.

It probably goes without saying, but in a simple logo, simple adjustments can make a huge difference. Have you tried all lower-caps? Have you tried all upper-caps? Have you tried a space between words? Have you tried shoving the words together?

Logo #20: Small Business Consulting

This logo from small business consulting firm Anchor Advisors offers a great example of how to use color the right way. There is no shading. There are no gradients. The text isn’t broken down into 3 different colors.

The bright hue of the icon makes it pop out to the eye, while the entire logo remains clean, simple, and relevant. If you are going to use bright colors, this is how to do it.

Remember: A Consulting Logo Should Be Your LAST Priority

Hopefully this batch of standout consulting logo ideas has given you the inspiration you need to create your own simple, clean, relevant logo.

But remember, your logo should be your LAST priority on the checklist to consulting success.

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