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Machine Everything: Remove The Need For Humans To Think

Blog video by Sam Ovens

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If you want your business to survive, you've got to be efficient -- You must figure out how to get MORE with LESS.

More with less -- That's the objective of evolution, to remove waste and optimize for value and efficiency.

Darwin was right: Life is a game of "survival of the fittest"...

Only the strong survive.

If you want your business to survive the evolutionary arms race, you must continuously improve efficiency.

The best way to do that is to "machine everything".

Eliminate the need to think.

Squeeze every ounce of utility out of every resource possible, and then figure out how to squeeze some more.

If you don't, you'll cease to exist.

This video shows you how to do it. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below?

Here's what we cover:

1. Why human nature is to like variety but variety is the enemy of efficiency and productivity. 

2. How Henry Ford revolutionized car manufacturing by inventing the "production line" and how he could make better cars for less.

3. How Amazon extracts the output of 30 full time 6-figure employees from 1 full time employee on minimum wage. (mind blowing...).

4. Why "bespoke" solutions, variable offers and unpredictable days are the absolute worst nightmare of efficiency and why they will cripple you in business. 

5. How we restructured the consulting business model and day-to-day operations so that we can get more for less and turn what was once an unpredictable human business into a predictable money making machine. 

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To Your Success! 

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You've got to machine every little piece because human nature is to have variety, right? But machines don't like variety. Henry Ford beat all the other car companies back in the day because they would literally have a team build a car from start to finish, and then they'd finish it, then this team would start from start to finish again, whereas Henry Ford just had one person putting on one bolt. Went along on a thing, another person put on another bolt. It actually was so extreme, if you watch a documentary on it that Henry ford had learned every motion a human body must go through to create a model T Ford. So every movement somebody had to make, he knew what it was, and he'd optimized it and processed it, and he made sure that he even looked at ... While other companies got a team to build an entire car from start to finish which took weeks, Henry Ford even tried it when he had one person like lathe in the machine, like a particular part, and then fix that part to the car. So two jobs. Lathe it, fix it. Then he thought what if one person just lathes all day, and one person just fixed it all day. He took it to the extreme. He found out that they were 300% more efficient when they only had to do one thing. Because when you have to lathe and then you have to change gears and think about, "Okay, now we're changing it to fixing it on the car," but when all you do is lathe, it becomes automatic. You don't even have to think about what you're doing, it just somehow starts happening, and you never have to stop and think or change gears. That's how you want to think with your business. How can you make it so that a person doesn't have to think much in your team, and that most of their time is just spent doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, doing that high value thing, and they never have to think about what to do and they never have to change gears or research how to do something and then do it. You just want them to be bang, bang, bang, because that's how you're going to make ... Any time that a human being is not doing the thing, it's inefficient, all right? If you want to see another extreme example of this, it's Amazon. So their fulfillment centers, the people who walk around in those centers and put items in boxes, they can't get machines to do those yet because it's too complicated. It's still human beings packaging the boxes and then putting them on the belt and then the machine does the rest. But to get the most efficiency out of the humans, they have a hand held computer, and it tells them exactly where to go and it says like aisle six this, get this. Then it has a countdown clock. The computer knows how long it takes to walk there at that pace and pack it, and there's a countdown clock for every. If they want to go to the bathroom, they press bathroom, counts down how long they've got before they get back. If they're in the bathroom for too long, it starts optimizing the other people, and maybe it's gonna call someone back in. Because Amazon fulfills about 10,000 orders a second. So you imagine how much of a shitstorm would happen if they just slowed down for a minute. You can't. That machine has to be so well optimized that if they have a day off, they can never catch up in a year. There is no room for error. Even with all of their ... It made me think like man, that is optimization, right? Even the people who are getting paid the least in their fulfillment centers are more productive than people that are paid huge amounts of money. That's how Amazon has their sort of efficiency, because they're making sure that every component in their machine is doing the work all the time at the best level. That's what you want to think about with your business too. Like Dan was saying before, they had a way that when people would book a strategy session, they'd get their sales rep to immediately call them up and confirm that they're booked. But then he said, "But sometimes the person was like oh wee can do the call now." And he said they had good results with that, so why don't we do that instead of the structured, rigid model that we've created? Well it's because that starts breaking as soon as you put scale into it. Because now you can't schedule your sales rep, because they may or may not end up doing the sales call with that person. We don't know, we can't predict it. That call may go for 10 minutes or an hour. We can't predict it. And the person has to think, and like as soon as we get into that, it's unpredictable, and we can't maximize that rep's efficiency for each day. With the strategy session model, we're trying to make sure every rep does eight sales call with a qualified person on the hour every hour, and five to six days a week. If they're doing that, we are squeezing every ounce of efficiency out of each rep. All right? But as soon as we start doing something a bit custom and bespoke, it blows the whole machine up. You know what I mean? Imagine if one of those Amazon fulfillment people just thought, "Maybe I'll just grab a sandwich today, then listen to this song, and then go to the bathroom, and then take the different route." Right? Because they feel like it. The whole system would break down.